1-on-1 Consultation (Hourly)

1-on-1 Consultation (Hourly)

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Here’s what you will get out of a 1 to 1 session with Season Bennett, CEO of The Social Barber:

  • Access to her inside knowledge of utilizing technology to strengthen your marketing 
  • A recording of the LIVE online session to keep and watch over and over
  • Benefit from the more than a 19 year background in Technology
  • Access to her marketing tips and tricks to drive more traffic to your business by properly utilizing social media
  • The knowledge of someone who understands small businesses and how they can look like "the big boys" 

You’ll also receive a sales & marketing expert proficient at:

  • Defining how to attract your niche target audience.
  • Explaining the process of purchasing and facilitating various forms of advertising, including: content creating, scheduling, 
  • Creating passive income via selling informational products, including digital e-books and building an email list
  • Maximizing marketing exposure by posting at the right time of day for each platform.  This time is different for each account.  We can help you find it!
  • Implementing and developing marketing plans and strategies for businesses of varying sizes, from varied industries and at any stage of life.
  • Utilizing tools to free up more time and ensure that your business has a daily online presence.

And you’ll learn from …

  • A CEO who markets her business on and offline, both are equally important.
  • A professional who regards your business as seriously as you, and always arrives at each session prepared with low-cost sales and marketing ideas and tools to help you.
  • A consulting professional who will give you the truth about your presence and actionable steps to improve it.

You Will Be Sent the Scheduling Calendar Upon Check Out