Social Media Hardware

If you want to beat the algorithm on social media, Live broadcasting is the way to go.  Having the right tools can mean all the difference!

Check out this crazy tool!  I use this to hold 4 devices so I can go live at 4 places at one time.  Think about it like talking to a room full of people.  Make sure to look in everyone's direction.  It can be a little crazy, but after a little bit of practice, you will totally get the hang of it.   


You will need this tripod to hold the bar up:

The device is made to hold 2 cameras, but I user an adapter and add a few more holders.  Here are the cell phone and tablet holders that I use:



You can use Zoom to go live on Facebook and YouTube..  Its super cool because you can share your computer screen and even your cell phone screen.  You can go back and forth between showing your face or your screen or even show both at the same time. When I use Zoom, I use this HD web cam.  (I have even used this camera to record some of my online classes because the video is so hi def.


Not sure if you knew this, but I do my own photo shoots.  Super crazy!  I use my Canon T6i and I use the iPhone app on my phone as a remote control to control the camera.  I also use a plain, white backdrop for my background.  I need a lot of pictures and I can't always get to a photographer.  I am not saying not to use a professional photographer, but you should always have the best available to you in a pinch!  I love the look of pictures with the 50 mm lens.  It blurs the background and makes the subject of the pic pop out.  


I love these super cool lights.  The work great and they are super cheap: a win-win!  LOL!